Thursday, November 6, 2008

All Saints Day Wonder

It is an incredible moment in our children's lives, when we see such pure joy and wonderment. We are so blessed to have such amazingly good-hearted families in our homeschool group, and I sometimes sit in wonder of the patience and abundant love these parents give to their children so devotedly. It is in moments like these, that I know that I am in the right place. It is, indeed, an inspiring sight to see such virtues and graces flow before me. I tell you, truly, if the angelical faces of these children do not at once capture your heart, then there is nothing on this great earth that ever will. I must admit, that the day started out a tornado of chaos. I will confess, at once, that it was my fault, as I sarcastically tried to get everything ready for our big day. It is an unfortunate thing to admit that there is NO "calm" before the storm at my house. It seems like an endless forecast of storm after storm as we try in desperation to get things together. And I always feel as if i am very short on time and patience. Oh!! If the Lord would be Gracious enough to grant me Patience! Of all virtues in this world for me to lack... it would be one of the most precious of all. I only feel too sad, that it is my family that bears the brunt of this vice. It is, at long last, the most profound sense of Peace that graces this family... after one of my weak moments. I tenderly try to smooth my children's hair, kiss their tender cheeks, and love my way out of the horrible incident. But, as much as I try to erase that horrible moment.... I know that it is still there... it lingers... You can witness, at once, the strength of love and pure virtue of my family.... as these precious children of mine forgive their mother for her shortcomings without pause or question. I am humbled at their eagerness to forgive and forget. Within seconds I see their brightly lit faces so full of the Greatest of JOYS! These children are truly angels, and if I could ask for one thing, it would be your prayers that I might be able to overcome this weakness. And that I might take time to remember that patience is indeed a virtue that I cannot afford to lack. We arrive, at last, to the wonderfully large property which hosts our All saints party every year. The Children run and play... At once, I feel the eagerness to escape my suburban community... If only to see my children... their wind stroked hair... their sun kissed cheeks. To live in accord with nature... is a would be a brilliant blessing.Our nature days would be filled with wonderment and adventure! The All Saints Day Parade begins!! The children begin their day of fun, games, friends, and family. They are surrounded by Saints... they Guess which Saints their friends are... they learn about Saints they may have never heard of before. Cossette is St. Joan of Arc... Jonah is St. Michael... but refuses to put on the costume that I had lost my patience over. All is well in this Saintly world. Children become Saints... parents become children.. Laughter and games fill the air. Peace has graced us yet again.
As the day ends, I take a deep long breath. I am sure to snap a mental picture of my amazing children.... their gorgeous, glowing faces... their radiant eyes. I whisper a prayer of thanks, and have an inner chuckle.... That darn costume that I had lost my patience over... was not even worn. But, what amazes me more is that my little boy, that was so quick to dismiss that costume (sword and all), was so eager to have his entire face painted like a puppy dog... he would not wash it off until late the next day.

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