Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Poetry at Pickwick

Poetry... is a way of taking Life by the throat.
-Robert Frost
To be an avid reader of poetry...
To be able to enjoy its simplicities as well as its intricacies... is a true gift.
There was never a person more connected to the pleasures and pains of our world than a poet.
His/her ability to paint the world through his cunning wit and word is remarkable... to say the least.
It is the Poet that allows us to see the world through eyes of vast sentiment. His appreciation; his view of the world around us creates a portal of deeper understanding. It is, often times, through the poet that we begin to know ourselves.... God has gifted them with insight and words.
These are the Pictures of the "poetry keepers" the Pickwick girls made at an earlier meeting. I was thankful to have the help of an ingenious Mother who came up with this idea.
The girls created folders from heavy paper, glued them together, and Covered the outer portion with some lovely scrapbooking paper. They were given sticker labels and precious notepaper to collect their favorite poems and quotes on. Some of the girls wrote their own poems.
I dare say that this will be a treasured keepsake for them.

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