Monday, October 27, 2008

My America...

Should change come in waves of desperation, we should at last know that "change" is something to wish for but be wary of.
We are a country both loved and hated around the world. We are hated by other countries for our power, but we are loved by those country's people for our opportunity.
Who's sentiment should we believe? The sentiments of the leaders and politicians, who's very lives are dedicated to the quest for greater personal power... or the sentiment of the individual who's simple quest is the quest for prosperity and personal success.
All around the world we see and hear the opinion of other nations... and who they think we should vote for. The vast majority of the opinion is for Barack Obama...... But for who's benefit are these people speaking for? Do they work for the Benefit of America. NO! their loyalty is for their own country.
Time and time again, I see the comments of those from other nations voicing their disdain for McCain... and America... as it was.
They too wish for America to "change".
But change into what?
America has served us well... and yet we take it for granted. All around the world are people who suffer more greatly than we could ever imagine. They live in real poverty. They experience real discriminations. They lack real freedom. So many of us cannot even begin to fathom what those real struggles look like. I have seen those struggles, and I have lived within them.
America is steeped with tradition. It is rare to see such love and loyalty to a country these days.
The recent dip in the economy has us all scared. We want more for ourselves for fear that should the economy get worse, we will not be able to get what we need later. We are willing to take from others, so that we should have more...
We are one of the most charitable countries in the world... yet we ask for those who are better off than ourselves, to be forced to give us what is rightfully theirs. We depend on a Govt to sustain us... when we should be content enough to trust in God to provide for us. America's prosperity is a direct derivative of our faith as a nation.
When all hope seemed lost in America's revolution... we trusted in our Faith and our God. Washington himself went down on bended knee to pray for God's guidance at Valley Forge.
Should you believe in God or not, you should at least believe in the power of "faith." Faith can be found in a great many things. You may have faith in mankind; that he will choose to help you in your hour of need. You may have Faith in your country; that it should be capable of sustaining you. You may have faith in tradition; that it has served you well, and will continue to serve you.
But without the very idea of faith... how can we be expected to believe in anything.
Our faith in our country, our traditions, and mankind has been tested.
In voting for the "change" acclaimed by Mr. Obama.... we are surrendering our faith in these very things.
It means that no longer do we believe in our country... and what it stands for.
It means that we no longer believe in our traditions, and what they have meant to us.
It means that we no longer believe in mankind; that he will choose to do right by us... his fellow countrymen.
History has proved that Americans have risen to challenges far greater than what we now experience... and yet so many of us have lost our "faith"!
Alas... my sentimentality over this great nation... will probably fall on deaf ears. I did not have the luxury of spending my childhood in such a great nation... but maybe that is why I appreciate it all the more.

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