Thursday, March 12, 2009

Creating Our Perfect Homeschool Atmosphere

Well, It has been a few years trial and error... but I think we have finally done it! We have found (what feels like) the perfect homeschool atmosphere for our family. Of course, I might be more than a bit partial in my enthusiasm... but I have come to understand that it is more about MY frame of mind than anything else. I had been fighting the move of our "school room" for a Long time. I LOVED having a formal dining room even if it was rarely used. I thought that I was content with our small school room which could not possibly contain all of our school supplies. It had not occurred to me, that part of my reluctance to FULLY invest myself, was because I had become weary of digging through our closets for the needed supplies. There were projects that I had not attempted, art supplies that I hadn't touched, Books that I had forgotten that I even had.... SO many resources That were either "forgotten"... or that I had decided to use "Later". I honestly felt so cluttered and uninspired... that I really couldn't function at my best. I have, at long last, discovered that, just like my children, I thrive on organization and habit too. OH!!! Blessed Habit... I took you for granted for SO long!!! It seems like perfect common sense ... that in order to instill "order" you must first be "orderly".... I mean hasn't Charlotte Mason said ALL along that we, as parents, must lead by example?!! Why is it that this concept is dawning on me as if it were a perfectly NEW revelation?!! It is something that I have always known... But I suppose that I never thought to link my inability to instill good habits to my lack of enthusiasm; And my lack of enthusiasm to my feeling of being suffocated in a cramped area. I had been exerting an awful lot energy "trying" to accomplish all that I had wanted to. Many were the days that we had done SO much... but for some reason or another I was not feeling full filled by our accomplishments. I was feeling drained... and oft times short of temper.... I KNOW that my children picked up on this feeling. They had a keen awareness that Mommy was not "with it"! I would make great efforts to become more aware when this feeling occurred... and I would try to change it... but it never completely faded. Finding a more practical place to have our lessons has become like a breath of Fresh air! We are now able to NOT FIGHT through our morning chores and routine. But best of all... we are all sharing the same space and working amongst each other. Mom is in the kitchen; that is by the table; that is housing the toddler; that is doing the art project; that is near the dining room; that contains the school supplies; that the 8 year old is using to finish her picture narration.... we all see each other... and I am no longer debating whether I should be downstairs doing the dishes and the laundry... or upstairs guiding my children through their lessons!! We have found out how to make our family work in perfect harmony!! To Be Continued...

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  1. You did a lovely job, as always, Scarlett. The new schoolroom looks like it's always been there, truly demonstrating how much homeschooling is a part of your life. Your home is just beautiful!!


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