Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pickwick victorian Egg Craft

PickWick Society's Victorian Easter Craft This Past Pickwick meeting we opted to make a traditional Victorian Easter egg craft.
I have heard these eggs called by many names:
"spy eggs"
"Panoramic eggs"
"Peek Hole eggs"
I personally Call them:
Peek-a-boo eggs
Traditionally, these eggs are made out
of real eggs which are emptied of their
contents via small pin hole.
But as delicate as this process is,
I decided that the hardiest way to make these eggs are with Paper Mache eggs, which I purchased at Hobby lobby. These eggs come in various sizes, and are quite easily cut using an exacto knife.
The peep holes were
precut the night before, and various Victorian Easter images
were printed on color fast paper
for the decoupage process.
One image was used to decoupage onto
the surface of the egg,
while an alternate image
(printed on heavy card stock)
was mounted to the inside of the egg....
to be seen through the "peep hole"
The girls were in charge of painting the eggs a solid color and then embellishing them with their choice of paints, glitter, fabric flowers, lace, ribbon etc.
We had such a fun and crafty time making these eggs. I was so very proud of the girls for coming up with such original and creative ideas!!

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