Thursday, July 16, 2009

Daddy Daughter Dance

So, this happened about a month ago... but this evening, while I was going through and uploading some pictures, I actually got a few brief seconds to pause and reflect on this beautiful memory.

Lately it seems as though their are not enough of those... "reflective" seconds in a day. Each day seems to speed by faster and faster, and there are literally days when I feel as if I am on one of those carnival "whirlygigs" ( I don't know if that is really the name) that hurls you against the wall as it reaches optimum speed... and then... the bottom falls out.

Yes, it is both Freakish and thrilling as you giggle in both merriment and nervous fear , but what is most disturbing... is that you got on the ride voluntarily.... and afterward you even consider, for a brief second, getting on again.

But anyway, I digress... my point being... some days are like stressful rides you do not volunteer to get on... and cannot seem to get off.

NOW back to my brief moment of "peace", as I gazed at this picture and reflected on the fact that, despite our recent stress... we must be doing something right when we give our children the opportunity to experience the innocence and virtue that they so richly deserve.

There are days when I see my daughter gaze at her Father like a true untarnished hero. It is true, he may not be "untarnished" and he may not be a "hero"... but all that my little ones need know, is that he does his best to raise and support a strong, healthy, God loving Family.

There are so many days, that my husband and I feel distracted from our focus on the children. We bustle about our business toting them along, and by the end of the day we realize that we did NOT cherish every second.

It is moments like the moment in the picture that I love my husband more than ever. It is the moment in that picture... when I KNOW that his family is his world.

Last month, when my husband so lovingly escorted our daughter to the 1st annual Pickwick Society daddy and daughter dance... I was never more proud. He enjoyed every second with his growing girl. He learned the waltz. He danced the Polka. and even laughed heartily when dancing the Virginia reel...

Who could love his child more?.... but our Father in Heaven

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  1. That is a beautiful post. Life does go by to fast. Sometimes I think that my children are not being loved enough. Then I see pictures from nights like that night. I listen to them chat. I have realized that they are getting it. They understand that all the crazy buisness of life is because we love them. We keep the comunication open and when it is doubted we all talk about it.

    Your daughter and your husband have a great relationship. They had fun with each other, you could so tell that night. Thank you for planning that and welcoming us. It was great joy for my husband and all of our daughters.


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