Monday, July 20, 2009

So, is it wrong for me to feel like this?: Because... I do

Do you see the title of this blog?

"perfectly imperfect"... It was chosen for a reason.

It is THAT time of year. The time of year when we homeschooling Moms drop the whole "summer vacation," and plow head-on into a unintelligible Mass of Homeschool supplies and references. I say "unintelligible".... because we all very well know that one book blends into another... One website fades into the next... and sooner or later we are talking to each other like the people in the bing ads.

a not so pretty picture.

as this year commences I am faced with planned activity after planned activity... lesson plan after lesson plan. I am up to my neck in books and schedules. My brain is fried from coming up with creative and new activities...

BUT even so... amongst all this chaos and hair pulling... between the kids tormenting each other in the background and the baby sleeping in my arms while I type this with one hand..


I get a real thrill from this time of year. I work well under pressure.

AND quite honestly, I feel this child-like excitement from the anticipation of all that we have set to accomplish.

Each year, with Each study... the world gets more and more immense. We have set sail in the sea of Knowledge We are explorers... adventurers... .discoverers... AND we have only just gotten our feet wet...

Excitement? Thrill? Anticipation? I should say so!

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