Monday, October 4, 2010

Our Summer with the Blueberries

Well, what can I say? I am a little behind on some of my posts… but better late than never, Right? The important thing is that I am taking some much needed time to document some treasured memories.Not only is this blogging time a time for me to reflect on Life’s precious gifts…. But it is also a time for me to put my thoughts and feelings into words. Hey! It’s Therapy! But more importantly, it’s a “someday keepsake” for my kids.

One of our more wonderful activities of the summer was our adventure in blueberry picking.The kids had a ball picking and collecting Blueberries with our good friends. It was there first time to pick blueberries… and It will not be our last (despite the 100 degree heat)! If there is ONE thing that I have come to realize in the past couple of years… It is that kids seem to have a greater appreciation for the food at the table when they have to work with it.

This year, itself, has been an eye-opener for me. Before our blueberry picking adventure, my kids didn’t really care a fig for blueberries. Since then, they have developed a profound relationship with the berry… and I truly think that half of their enjoyment for them comes from the memories they recollect while eating them. The same can be said for the vegetable garden we started this year. The kids grew the plants, tended the garden, and harvested the fruit themselves! I have never seen a cucumber devoured with so much satisfaction and delight… I have never seen a tomato eaten… well....AT ALL, before experiencing there garden.

There is something so humbling about growing food from God’s good earth with our bare hands. Not only do we truly see “the fruits” of our labor… But we can truly appreciate the Bountiful Blessings of God

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