Monday, November 8, 2010

All Saints Day Celebrations!

The past week has been so incredibly busy... and I have SO much to share!!
First Off, I want to start by sharing some wonderful photos and memories of our All-Saints Day Celebration. It was such a wonderful time. We spent some time visiting At the Dominican Sister's retirement facility. It was a Lovely Visit. The kids were dressed in costume, and were prepared with a short presentation about their Saint. We really enjoyed sharing our Knowledge with the sisters, and can't wait to go back again.
One of the Biggest Highlights of the Season, is the All-Saints day party that we attend every year. It is Hosted by a fellow homeschooling family. They are wonderful enough to share their large farm property with us. It is truly beautiful to be out in the country. The kids spend time on Hayrides, feeding the cattle, and visiting the many animals. They just Love it!
While at the party, each family is in charge of setting up a game booth for the kids to enjoy. This year, a good friend of mine had the idea of setting up an All-Soul's chapel. Each family brought a picture of a loved one who had passed away. We placed the pictures in the Chapel, and the kids took turns offering prayers for their souls. It was both beautiful and meaningful.
This year, "Belle" decided to dress up as one of her favorite Saints... St. Bernadette. Her knowledge of the Saints is amazing. She has taken to reading the stories on her own during her free time. She finds them very Inspirational, and I really couldn't think of more perfect models of Virtue and Faith than the Saints. So I am happy that her natural interest is growing in this direction.

"Little Sparty" is such a boy! He decided that he had to be a saint that carried a sword. His Choice for this year was St. George. We were fortunate to have the Story book of St. George and the Dragon, So "Little Sparty" was in 7th Heaven learning more about his chosen Saint.

"Little Music" was dressed as St. Helen this year. She loved watching the older boys and girls parading around as Saints, but more than that, she loved the fact that she was included in the festivities, and was so proud to be among all of the children
I hope you enjoy the pics :)

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