Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Pickwick Society Tea

This past Wednesday we had our first Pickwick tea of the year. Normally the girls and I are busy learning and employing the art of Handicrafts. This year's focus is on Crochet. It has been a challenge for the girls to learn, but by the end of the year I am sure they will proficient enough to make the Granny squares necessary for this year's service project.
The girls have come up with the idea of making prayer shawls and/or blankets for the church's Ministry. I am so Happy for their noble thoughts and ideas. they are such an inspiration!
This week's Pickwick meeting was more of a social visit. The Girl's are so deserving of this time together. I find it necessary for them to build on their sisterhood and friendship. I want them to find the support that they need, and I know that they will find it within their home school peer group. It is so wonderful to see them develop these life long friendships with each other.

We DID start our meeting off with our normal virtue study. This week's topic was about Modesty in Dress. They found it a very interesting subject to discuss, and were very creative in thinking up ways to be "in style," without falling into the trap of dressing inappropriately.

The book "Beautiful Girlhood" by M. Hale, lead us in our discussion. We read aloud from the chapter on modesty, and went from there. The girls found it fascinating that a book written so long ago, still addresses many of the same issues facing girls today.

Along with our Virtue study and tea, we also spent sometime making biscuits, Apple butter, and strawberry-cranberry Jam. It was a fantastic treat... and we hope to make more jam in the near future. If you would like to see the recipe that we used for our Jam and apple butter, please see the Pickwick link at the top of my home page. I will posting it there shortly

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  1. Looks just lovely!
    The girls look like they are learning such wonderful things!


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