Friday, October 24, 2008

The Sarah Palin Threat

I suppose it was inevitable that my sporadic blogging would some day make its way to the subject of the election... After all, it is certainly something that I cannot stop thinking and worrying about. The simple fact that the America that I have become so sentimental for... is one that is fast changing before my eyes is certainly disconcerting. After all.... "Change" is not always good, especially when it has the potential to uproot the very things that sustain us... those things being: *** Freedom *** and ***power of the people*** Most certainly freedom, as our very way of life is threatened by an over reaching govt. And Most certainly Power of the people, as the potential of a "filibuster proof" govt looms over head. Our very way of life depends on checks and balances. It depends on representation for both the majority and minority. Why is it then, that so many of my fellow Americans are so willing to throw that "power" away... by handing it so blindly over to the democratic party without question? No longer will our govt be "by the people and for the people"... but "by the democrats for the democrats"... and quite possibly "by the liberals for the liberals. The "conservative," "republican," "moderate," and "independent" voices will be soon be hushed.. and the eager liberal will pay them no mind.... but why should they? They have succeeded in clutching the "power of the people" and so eloquently relabeled it "power of the powerful". I do worry... for I fear the day that my voice will no longer be heard... and why is it that I should become so unimportant? I live and breathe for my God, My family... my country! I digress... the title of this post is "the Sarah Palin threat"... Over recent weeks i have most certainly come to see that Sarah Palin IS a threat. It was mind boggling to me... that so many women would be so dead set against her... that she could stir up such hate and resentment from my fellow sisters. After all, here we have... an educated, well-spoken, and successful woman; who has made her way to the TOP!!! What could be more glorious for womanhood than such a striking and personable figure! I was sure that women around the world would be elated! We did it!... We succeeded! We can be as powerful, and as brilliant as man! And then I was overtaken by the incessant boo-hoo-hooing of every feminist within earshot! And it dawned on me: These women do not wish women to succeed. They do not wish women in power. It's all been a horrible lie This is not about equality this is not about being fair this is not about "womanhood" And I was not going to hear anyone sing "Kumbaya" This was simply about... one group of women... with one set of beliefs... pretending to represent all women... but really only caring about THOSE women who were willing to conform to those designated beliefs. Suffice to say.... Sarah Palin was a disgrace to womanhood... because she did not conform to the beliefs that "all" educated, well-spoken, successful women should conform to. She should have rejected the "imperfect" child in her womb... after all that child is an inconvenience... and would take more time and dedication than she should possibly sacrifice. She should have made her daughter get an abortion... after all, why should her daughter be "punished with a baby" (obama's words). She should not represent the notion that life begins at conception... after all... if anyone actually starts to believe that... then that would mean abortion= murder. Sarah Palin had broken the unspoken code. No longer could she be part of that marvelous society of women She was no longer fit to represent the ideals of "womanhood" She would be banned from all decent society hence forth! AHHH! how tragic. tragic for the feminist movement, that is. How horribly humiliating for the egocentric woman feminist who sits upon her thrown of equality... only to be overtaken by the traditional, middle class, PTA mom in Alaska. She, Sarah Palin, who dares to be both, Mother and Governor! She, Sarah Palin, who dares to be both wife and business woman! She, Sarah Palin, who dared to be both beauty and public figure! She... did not have to sacrifice true womanhood to become a success! She did not have to sacrifice traditionalism to become a success! The old battle cry of the Feminist "throw down your aprons... get out of the kitchen... go to work.... and do not look back!!!!" Well... that battle cry is no more. There is one woman who is content to go to work in an apron.. and then come back home to the kitchen if needed. There is one woman who is living proof that you do not need to sacrifice your "true womanhood" to be a success. There is one woman who made it to the Top Before any of the others!!! SARAH PALIN!!!!! feminists in action

These 2 images... both portray the "girl scout" image... decades apart. The current updated ad pictures a young girl clutching her skateboard, proudly exclaiming "Defy the Stereotype". If the stereotype the Girl scouts are trying so vehemently to defy is the wholesome image of the girl scout to the left.... It begs the question "why? " is it so wrong to be a girl? It is not so hard to see why so many of our young girls do not even know what a "lady" looks like.There is no doubt in my mind that girls are capable of anything and everything! but should they surrender their femininity just to make a point?

To be Cont.....

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