Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Our Not So Secret Garden

My children have been shouting out with such JOY!!!
They have decided to proclaim to the world that they have, at Long last, started their own garden!!
Of course, it isn't a garden yet... but the down right joy of their anticipation is "soul-tickling"... to say the least.
To Brood or Not to Brood
I suppose we have been quite reluctant to engage in the whole gardening process because things seem so different here in the suburbs of Houston, Tx.
My husband still broods for the good ole' days in west Michigan... where the air was cleaner, the grass was greener, and the soil was....well.. soil and not so much clay. He loves the outdoors. He loves gardening... but it has taken him time to get use to the vast quantity of differences.
I was so overjoyed when he finally relented and took the kids to buy some seeds and a "greenhouse"... so that they could learn to care for their own garden.
A Secret Garden I am sure the reason for the tremendous amount of 'garden" enthusiasm as of late... is because we have been in the midst of reading "The Secret Garden".
My daughter is enthralled with the idea of caring for her own garden. She has taken to the character of Mary and is "hungry" to see the signs of new life budding from the soil!
My son, on the other hand, loves anything to do with Dirt. And I believe that he is more captivated by the character of Dicken, and the thought of communicating with animals then in the prospect of a beautiful flower. I notice a deep sense of concentration come over him whenever Dicken is mentioned in the story.
As for myself, I am contented with the notion, that My husband and I will be able to bring this wonderful story to life for my children by just indulging in the dream for their own secret garden.

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