Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pickwick Society: Civil war Shadow Puppets

What a wonderful time we had at Our last Pickwick Society Metting! The girls seem to be getting Craftier and more ambitious with their creations. Patience is a virtue This past week we went over the virtue of "Patience". We were able to read aloud from our book of virtues. We discussed the Legend of St. Augustine and his walk by the sea,
as well as the tale of Scotland's Robert Bruce. It is a joy to serve literature as an example of virtue and character.
Handicraft Time
Our Craft for this past week was simple... but so fun and pleasing. It was nice to have a craft that was as exciting for the older girls as it was for the younger ones. Trying to find handicrafts that are not too overwhelming for our younger girls can be a daunting task... but their perserverance and patience never cease to amaze me.
I provided a 7 piece pattern for each of the Girls to trace onto heavy white cardstock. After tracing and cutting each piece, the girls were able to dress the dolls with pretty scrapbooking paper. They layered and creased
the paper to create the effect of "folds" in the apron, and then carefully glued each piece on.
After dressing the dolls, each joint of the doll was hole punched and metal fastners were put into place. I was able to find some wooden skewers which I cut down to size to use as "puppet sticks"...
I have to say that "sticky Dots" are the greatest invention in the world!!
They held the sticks in place without a problem... and the best part is...
no drying time!!

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