Thursday, April 14, 2011

Where Have I Been?

I have been away.

Far away, in a land of books, projects, meetings, illness, and laundry.

All I can say is:
"Family Calls"
and when it does, you don't ask questions...
you just drop everything and tend to family :).

That's not to say that I haven't had a Little time to myself though...

I would like to share Some Fun Projects I Have Completed Over The Past Few Months....

My new work area...

I am so exacted about having my own space.
This was a fun piece to refinish
I keep all of my books underneath
My Laptop stays in the drawer
And all my writing materials fit into the little nooks.
I am SO in love!!

My Coffee Table

I originally purchased this piece for $10
With a little sanding and a lot of paint it was almost finished.
I was a little bored of the white finish...
So a little Modge podge here, some scrap booking paper there...
and a final coat of Poly....
And this made for a pretty interesting project!

Mushroom Tote and Fairies

This was a complete experiment.
I invested in all natural fibers for this project.
I was lucky enough to get some inexpensive wooden figures off of ebay.
Just a little re dressings and some cute Gnome hats
And I had a family of fairies and Gnomes.
This consists of a Knit Tube, felted door, Crocheted bottom, and embroidered vines.
the roof is all felted, and the handle is knit
Just throw it in the Wash to felt the wool yarn... and your good to go.

Felted Fairies

These were super fun to make.
they are pictured nestled in our homemade fairy houses.
The houses are still under construction
Completely crafted from felting wool
I used Alpaca.
because I was able to get a Bunch in South America :)
the bodies of these faeries are felted wire.
Pictured here are:

Our New Kitchen

After seeing Pottery Barn's expensive kitchen
(which I wanted REALLY bad)
I searched on craigslist for a used wooden kitchen
and was able to come up with my OWN Retro Pink Kitchen.
We even used REAL fixtures :)

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